How to apply for China Group Visa for Tibet entry from Nepal?

Since the Kyirong Border, the new Sino-Nepal border was reopened for foreign travelers on August 29, 2017, there are more and more foreign travelers want to experience the Kathmandu-Lhasa overland journey instead of taking Kathmandu-Lhasa flight to Tibet. When traveling to Tibet from Nepal, you need to apply for China Group Visa and Tibet travel permit.

1 What’s the China Group Visa?

China group visa which is a type of China entry visa is not a China visa. It is a necessary document for foreign travelers who want to travel to Tibet from Nepal. You don’t need to apply for extra China visa to enter mainland China. Group visa has an advantage that you can extend your travel to other destinations in China after you have completed your trip to Tibet. If you have such a plan, we’d love to apply for your group visa within the maximum validity period. Besides, if you already have China visa and want to enter Tibet from Kathmandu or Nepal, you have to apply for a new China group visa. Then the China visa which you already have will be canceled. The group may be an arbitrary number of travelers and maybe only one traveler. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu does not issue China group visa to individual travelers, only to those who booked on a Tibet tour.

2 How to apply for a China group visa?

The documents you should submit:

*Your passport

*Fill in the group visa application form, your signature, and passport size photo

By booking with us, you will find everything we have done for your China group visa.

Detailed procedures for our services:

1) You need to send the scanned copy of your passport, Tibet travel plan to us by email. We will customize the detailed travel itinerary in Tibet and China according to your request. It must be done at least 15 days prior before the journey starts.

2)We will send Tibet Tourism Bureau an Invitation Letter for obtaining a China group visa number. At the same time, we will assist you in applying for the Tibet travel permit.

3) With your permission, we will send the scanned copy of Tibet travel permit to you and Invitation letter to our office in Kathmandu.

4) You need to arrive in Kathmandu at least 3 days ago. Our staffs in Kathmandu will take you to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to fill out the application for a China group visa. You’d better remember to bring your original passport, Tibet travel permit, scan copies of Invitation Letter and passport size photo for group visa.

5) Within a few days, our staffs in Kathmandu will bring Group Visa to your hotels.

3 How much it cost for applying for a China group visa?

Group Visa fee (Single Entry) Normal (3 working days) Urgent (2 working days) Top Urgent (1 working day)
American Passport Holder USD 145 USD 160 USD 180
Other Nationality USD 55 USD 70 USD 90


*China Embassy in Kathmandu accepts China group visa application from 10:00 ~12:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our staffs will be on duty every day.

*The China group visa is usually valid for 15 or 20 days. But in fact, the validity depends on your scheduled travel time, and different types of Chinese visa are valid from 30 days to 90 days which depend on your nationality. For example, an American passport holder with an L visa has a duration of 30 to 60 days. Moreover, the China visa can be extended at least 30 times a day.

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