How to apply for your Chinese Visa when traveling to Tibet?

1 Apply for Chinese Visa in China or your home country:

If you are planning to enter Tibet from other places of China, you can apply for Chinese visa through the Chinese Embassy in your home country. As Tibet is a politically sensitive area, when you apply for Chinese visa, you’d better not to mention Tibet. It’s wise to list cities such as Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai as your travel destination.


Note: If you are a traveler who is from the country such as Brunei, Japan, and Singapore, visa-free for the people from these countries within 15 days, so you will directly apply for Tibet entry Tibet by using your passport.

*If you hold an (L) Tourist visa, you didn’t need any certifications.

*If you are an F (business) or Z (work) visa holder, you need to provide additional information to get a Tibet Entry Permit. Your travel agency will send you the requirements after you book the tour.

*If you live in China on a D visa, you need a current Residence Permit.

*If you are working in China on a Z visa, you need a certification in Chinese from your company/school in China (Certificate of Employment, using your company’s letter paper, with your name and passport number, and company seal on it).

*If you are invited to China on an F visa (for business, research, lecturing; scientific, technological, or cultural exchange; short-term advanced studies, or intern practice for a period of no more than six months), you need the certification from your company or your Chinese travel agency.

2 Apply for Chinese Group Visa in Nepal:


If you are planning to enter Tibet from Nepal, you can apply for Chinese Group Visa though Chinese Embassy in Katmandu, rather than Chinese Visa.



Chinese Group Visa is a type of China Entry Visa, which is used for foreign travelers who want to travel to Tibet from Nepal. You don’t have to apply for an extra Chinese visa when entering mainland China. Even if you have held a Chinese visa, you will have to apply for a new Chinese Group Visa in Kathmandu, and then your previous Chinese visa will be canceled automatically.

The Chinese Group Visa is valid for 15 days or 20 days. A local travel agency can receive any number of travelers from Kathmandu. It’s a piece of paper which lists the names of all travelers in your group, and their nationality, date of birth and passport number. In 2017, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu required that you should submit the Chinese group visa application in 3-working-day in advance with your original passport.

At the same time, you will ask travel operator for applying for the necessary Tibet Travel permit in Lhasa, whether you will fly to Lhasa or land to the Zhangmutou port. Now Zhangmutou port is still closed for foreign travelers.

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