How to get to Tibet for a vacation?

Planning a vacation to Tibet? Tibet is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s famous for its deep Tibetan Buddhism culture and unique snowy plateau scenery. Most people think that traveling in Tibet will raise a valuable experience of Buddhism and rediscover themselves. Before traveling to Tibet, there are some sweet tips you need to notice.

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1 Get a Tibet Travel Permit from a local travel agency

For foreign travelers, apart from your passport and a Chinese visa, you need to get a Tibet Travel Permit, then you can enter Tibet. Tibet Travel Permit is a necessary document which is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. When you book the tour with us and send your passport and Chinese visa copies, we will help you get this Tibet Travel Permit before the tour start. Usually, in the busy season from April to Oct, you will get it within 12 working days while in low Season from Nov to Jan, you will get it within about 4 working days. When we get your Tibet Travel Permits, we will mail it to your hotel in a China city.

Sweet Tip: If you live in China or visit China for business purposes, you need to provide a certificate proving your purpose of visiting China.

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2 Book a Tibet tour with a local travel agency

Because of the special background of Tibet, foreigner travelers are not allowed to travel in Tibet independently according to policy from Tibet Tourism Bureau. Also, your Tibet Travel Permit will record your itinerary in Tibet, tour guide info, driver’s info, the date you will enter in Tibet and depart from Tibet etc. So you need to book a Tibet tour with a local travel agency who can design your tour itinerary and arrange a Tibetan tour guide and a car for you.

3 The way to get to Tibet

There are many ways to get to Tibet from your country. You can take a train or plane to reach Tibet. Also, you can do an overland tour from Kathmandu from Lhasa. Now, the Gyirong Border is the only port between Nepal and China. You may hear from there is another port called Zhangmu  Border. I can tell you that because of the great earthquake in Nepal since 2005, the Zhangmu  Border has been closed for all travelers so far.

If you have enough time for vacation, I recommend that you enter Tibet by train. Because in this way, you can better adapt to high altitude in Lhasa. Also, along with the Qinghai-Tibet railway, you will get a wonderful view of plateau scenery such as charming Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai, magnificent KekeXili area, snow-capped mountains( Nyainqntanglha Mountain ranges) and beautiful Namtso Lake etc. Generally speaking, most the people will choose to start this train tour from Xining, Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

If you have limited time to travel in Tibet, flying to Lhasa is a good choice. Taking a plane from Chengdu or Chongqing is a good choice as there are many direct flights every to Lhasa. Also, it only takes about 2 hrs to get to Lhasa.

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