Latest 2018&2019 Tibet Permit Guide

For every foreign traveler, Tibet Travel Permit is a basic document to enter Tibet.

We hope you to have a successfully Tibet tour.

At present, the application and produce of Tibet Travel Permit keep the same as usual. During the peak travel season, we have successfully handled over 4000 Tibet permit applications successfully. For every foreign traveler, it is a basic document to enter Tibet. Without this permit, foreign travelers are not allowed to enter Tibet.

No matter a solo traveler or a group, we can guarantee to get your Tibet Travel Permit and arrange tour packages. Please tell us your travel date and activities, and we will offer you a reliable Tibet permit service in 2018&2019.

What is a Tibet Travel Permit?

The Tibet Travel Permit can only be issued by Tibet Travel Bureau. On this paper, your tour group number, Tibet tour date and daily itinerary, number of travelers and tour operator will be listed clearly.

Travelers need to have a Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet, which can only be applied by your commissioned Tibet traveler operator. When you board a train or flight to Tibet, you will be asked to show your Tibet permit. Besides, when you choose to an overland tour to Tibet, you also need to use your Tibet Travel Permit.

Who needs a travel permit and who don’t need?

  1. Tibet Entry Permit for major foreign travelers

Nowadays, foreign travelers from America, UK, etc, need to get a Tibet travel permit to enter Tibet. And now, Norwegian citizens are available to get to Tibet. For Bhutan citizens and Indian pilgrims to Mt. Kailash, you can only get your Tibet permit with the help of Pilgrim Center in Tibet. And diplomats, journalists and government officials are not allowed to travel to Tibet

2.Tibet travel Permit for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

For the citizens from Hong Kong and Macau, they don’t need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit. They only need to bring their HK/Macau SAR Passport and Home Return Permit.

Taiwan citizens are not allowed to travel to Tibet. But if you have a UK or America passport, you can travel to Tibet as a normal foreign traveler.

3.Tibet Travel Permit for Indian citizens

For Indian citizens to Tibet, they are divided into two groups. One is traveling as a normal foreign traveler, and the other is traveling as a pilgrim to visit Mt. Kailash. As normal travelers from India, they can seek help for us to get their Tibet permits. But if they travel to Tibet for making a pilgrimage, they can’t get help from us to get Tibet permit but from Pilgrim Center in Tibet.

4.Tibet Travel Permit from Nepal

If you want to travel to Tibet from Nepal, the basic application of Tibet permit keeps the same. But traveling from Nepal to Tibet, you need to get a Group Tourist Visa to Tibet.

As a professional local Tibet travel agency with over 13 years’ experience, our travel consultants will offer service for you to help you to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit, choose best tour package for you and arrange hand-pick tour guide.

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