Tibet permits to go a Mount Everest base camp tour

Located on the border between China and Nepal, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. Every year, hundred thousands of travelers from all over the world go a Mount Everest tour. The best time for you to visit Mount Everest is from May to October.

There are two routes to reach to Mount Everest base camp in Tibet: Most travelers will choose to start from Lhasa, then go to Everest base camp (EBC, 5200 meters above sea level) via Gyantse and Shigatse, which are absolutely two must-go cities with profound culture and history. Along the way to EBC, you can visit the beautiful itinerary such as charming Yamdroktso Lake, stunning Karola Glacier, and spectacular Tashilhunpo Monastery. On the other hand, now you can also enter Tibet from Nepal via the Kyirong border, then go straight to Mount Everest base camp. It’s said that the Kyirong border is opened for foreign travelers on Aug 29th, 2017. Since the earthquake happened in Kathmandu in April 2015, the Zhangmu border was closed to travelers who only can fly into Tibet from Kathmandu.

As the northern route of Mount Everest in Tibet is more challenging than the southern part of Nepal, Go for a trip to Mount Everest from Tibet side is a lifelong dream for climbers and travelers. Every year from April to May, climbers from all over the world gathered in EBC to prepare for their difficult peaks.

In addition to the Chinese visa, foreign travelers also need to apply for three travel permits for traveling to Everest base camp in Tibet.

1 Tibet travel permit

Tibet travel permit, also called TTP permit is the first must-have permission for all foreign citizens (non-Chinese passport holders) who want to enter Tibet. Chinese people who live overseas also need a Tibet Travel permit to enter Tibet. It is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, you only can apply for it through the local Tibet travel agency.>>>Read More

2 Frontier Pass

Frontier Pass is the official document for foreign travelers who want to travel to Mount Everest or Nepal via Zhangmu Border and the Kyirong border. The local travel agency will apply for it through Armed Police Tibet Frontier Corps in Lhasa. Without this document, foreign tourists are not allowed to travel to Mount Everest base camp and Nepal via the Zhangmu border. Usually speaking, you may take about 1.5 hours for applying for it.

The documents needed these documents as below for applying:

1) copy of TTB permit;

2) copy of passport;

3) copy of China Visa;

4) tour itinerary.3 Alien’s Travel Permit or PSB permit

3 Alien’s Travel Permit or PSB permit

In addition to Tibet Travel permit and Frontier Pass, you also need to apply for Alien’s Travel Permit (PSB permit) if you want to travel to Everest base camp. The Alien’s Travel Permit can only apply at the Foreign Affairs Office either in Lhasa or Shigatse. But don’t worry, it usually takes only 1 to 1.5 hours and costs RMB 50 per person.

The documents needed these documents as below for applying:

1) copy of Tibet Travel Permit

2) copy of passport

3)copy of your tour guide’s certificate

4)frontier pass

5)tour itinerary

4 Mountaineering License

If you plan to visit Rongbuk Glacier or the advanced base camp (ABC) which located at an elevation of 6500 meters above the EBC, the Mountaineering License is needed. You can apply for it by Tibet Mountaineering Association (TMA). On the other hand, you need to hire a professional climbing coordinator.


As an experienced Tibet travel agency, we will provide one-stop service for all necessary permits for your Mount Everest base camp tour if you booked with us. All you need to do is provide the necessary information to us such as your passport, Chinese visa, attractions and your group. Please feel free to contact us, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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