Tibet Tourism Bureau

The Tibet Tourism Bureau is a national department level administrative department directly under the People’s Government of the Tibet autonomous region, and it was established in 1986. The Tibet Tourism Bureau is the functional department for the management of Tibet’s tourism industry.

The main duties of Tibet Tourism Bureau is responsible for the region’s tourism management; tourism company on immigration business organization approval; Tourist Hotel star rating; with the relevant departments to coordinate tourist transportation, tourism products and tourism entertainment; handling complaints from tourists at home and abroad and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of tourists.

Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit (TTB)

Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit is a necessary document for all foreign tourists in Tibet. It is also known as Tibet visa or Tibet entry permit. At present, you can only entrust a local Tibet travel agency to apply for it from Tibet Tourism Bureau.

Considering that Tibet is still a sensitive area in China, Chinese, and Tibet’s unique traditions and cultural heritage, tourism service facilities, multi-tribal beliefs, special environment and transport capacity, the provisions of the National Tourism Administration, all foreign visitors including non-Chinese passport holder, the people of Taiwan and overseas tourists Chinese get a new license they in before leaving Tibet.

If you fly to Tibet, you need to show original Tibet permits when you check in, you may carry it on the plane and give it to your tour guide in Lhasa.

False TTB license: China’s lucrative tourism business is booming, and the amount of false Tibet permit is also increasing. Since the TTB permit is only issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa. When your travel agency gets your Tibet permit, the Tibet permit will be mailed to various cities in China to you.  According to the policy of the Chinese government, the original TTB can’t be sent out of the foreign country. This is why it is very important to apply for Tibet permits at least 30 days in advance.

Tips on how to apply for a TTB (Tibet visa)

1)    Do not list the places where foreign tourists are not allowed to visit their destinations. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.

2)    Avoid going to Tibet from Mid- February to March. Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) announced that the travel permit is issued to stop at least until the end of March they will release an update. This means that it is impossible to go to Tibet in February and March. In the 4 years since 2008, Tibet is usually closed in March and reopened in April. So this is a normal situation, and if you plan to come after April, then plan your trip with us.

3)    Avoid visiting Tibet when important political activities are held in China. During this period, the government will strengthen security and close Tibet.

4) Sometimes, we can apply for an emergency Tibet permit for you, but it is not advisable. Please send us your document in advance.

Tibet Tourism Bureau

Add: No.3 Norbu Lingka Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China

E-mail: ttour@public.ls.xz.cn

Tel: 86-891-6834315

Fax: 86-891-6820410

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