Tibet Travel Advice

Respect the locals' religious culture when you travel to Tibet.

To have an amazing, comfortable and unforgettable tour in Tibet, it is essential to know something about it in advance. Here are some advice for you to pay attention to:

Book a Local Travel Agency

Before your departure for your travel, you’d better book a professional Tibetan-owned agency in advance, which is far from a so-called “local Tibet travel agency” haring some local Tibetan staff but actually not owned by Tibetans. A professional agency can save you money and time and provide you with convenience. As is known to all, an individual foreigner is not allowed to travel to Tibet and licensed agencies can arrange a Tibet travel permit for you. Also, you need a Chinese visa to help you enter the mainland of China.

Keep Healthy

You must keep healthy to reduce the possibility of suffering from high altitude sickness which will make you feel uncomfortable for a while. When you get Acute Mountain Sickness, you may encounter the symptoms as follows: a headache and dizziness, weakness and tiredness as well as no appetite. At the same time, a healthy body can make you full of energy during the travel and are not easy to feel tired and exhausted. It can be said that keeping healthy can lay the foundation for your travel in Tibet Autonomous Region.

Take the Essential Items with You

Despite the essential documents for instance visa, Tibet entry permit etc. you had better pack items you would need in Tibet. First of all, warm clothes, such as sweaters and jacket as there is a large temperature difference between day and night, which means even in summer the temperature is fairly low in the evening. Second, take sunscreen products with you. Having a small number of clouds because of high elevation, Tibet has strong ultraviolet rays; due to this, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential. They will protect you from sunburn. A lipstick is not a bad thing as it can protect your lips.

Respect the Local Culture

You have to know that you are not allowed to take pictures of Buddha statues in most Tibetan monasteries. If you really want to take, please ask for permission at first. Do not smoke or wear either shorts or sunglasses when visiting monasteries. Do not talk about sensitive topics like politics when in Tibet. Do not try to debate with lamas about their lives and religions. Some pilgrims making holy journeys you may see along the road. If you want to support their pilgrimage by giving them food and even money, please check with your guide firstly. Avoid touching the head of any monk, nun or lama, and avoid hugging monks, nuns, and lamas of the opposite gender. And if you are lucky enough to be guest of local Tibetan people, you’d better accept things like cups of yak butter tea with your both hands to show your respect to the host. Remember that do as the Tibetans do when you are in Tibet.

The above are just some brief advice for you. Wish you have a wonderful trip to Tibet!

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