Tibet Travel Info you must know before traveling in Tibet

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So you plan to travel in Tibet someday in the future? Hmmm. it is a good idea. After all, Tibet is easy to reach, and many places in Tibet are now opened for travelers. Therefore, travel to Tibet is not a big problem. In Tibet, you can feel the profound Buddhist culture of Tibet, chat with the devout Tibetan people, and also you have a good opportunity to visit the Himalayas and the world’s highest mountain in the world-Mt. Everest.

However, there are still some factors that may affect your success in traveling to Tibet. Tibet belongs to China, foreign visitors need a Tibet Permits to enter Tibet. Tibet does not allow independent travel. So when you visit Tibet, apart from passport and Chinese visa, you need to make sure you have a Tibet Permit and book a Tibet tour with a local Tibetan travel agency who can arrange your Tibet Permits, accommodation, tour guide, and vehicle.

For every foreign traveler, Tibet Travel Permit is a basic document to enter Tibet.

Respect Tibetan Culture

Tibet has its own culture. If you are from a foreign country, it’s good to learn to respect Tibetan culture. Almost Tibetan people are devout Buddhists. Every morning, Tibetans in Lhasa will do a kora at front of Jokhang Temple which is the center of Lhasa or around Barkhor Street. In many grand festivals, Tibetans from all parts of Tibet will wear gorgeous Tibetan costumes and gather in Lhasa to celebrate these festivals. In Tibet, you will find many monasteries are scattered all over Tibet areas. If you visit these monasteries, you’d better not wear a hat and short sleeves. In monasteries, you need to respect the monks and Buddhist culture. Also, you can’t take a photo of the monks without their permission. What’s more, traveling in Tibet, it’s distasteful to discuss political issues with Tibetan people.

Make the most of your Tibet trip

You can do a lot of things to make the most of your trip to Tibet. Tibet has many unique landscapes and cultures to explore. You can dine at a good Tibetan restaurant, buy exquisite souvenirs at the Tibetan shop, enjoy an afternoon tea at Lhasa street. If you are a vegetarian and plan to travel to Tibet, you are not worried about food. There are many vegetarian restaurants in Tibet. As far as I know, there is a good restaurant opened by a Tibetan family called “Father ’s restaurant”, which is a specialized service for vegetarians. You can taste many featured Tibetan food here and have a happy lunchtime.

You can also make your trip to Tibet more enjoyable if you know which attractions you want to visit, how long you can stay in Tibet. Before you decide on a particular place, you first need to know its location and everything you need to know about it. If you use search engines such as Google to search many Tibet travel information, they are not comprehensive and up to date. At this time, you should find a local Tibet travel consultant to answer all your information about Tibet tourism. In the upcoming 2018, Everest Base Camp, Namtso Lake, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Yamdroktso Lake, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Mt.Kailash kora are one of the most popular attractions in Tibet. There are also very a few travelers who will travel in Nyingchi, Tsetang areas to visit the beautiful natural landscape of Tibet. Of course, if you have enough time, you can take the train to Lhasa from a Chinese city like Chengdu, Xining, Beijing, Xi’an and so on. You can experience the most beautiful landscape such as the Chaka Salt Lake, the Nyainqentanglha Mountains, the beautiful Hoh Xil along the Qinghai-Tibet railway, known as Sky Road. The advantage of taking the train is that you can take slowly to Lhasa city to adapt to high altitude.Festivals in Tibet

Tibet has its own festivals every year to celebrate various Buddhist events. People from different parts of the world flocked to Tibet to witness and participate in these activities. You can better experience Tibetan culture and have a great Festival atmosphere. The famous festivals in Tibet are Tibetan New Year, Saga Dawa Festival in Mt.Kailash, Damxung Horse Racing Festival, Ganden Thangka Festival, and Lhasa Shoton Festival. Tibet’s festivals are usually calculated on the basis of the Tibetan Calendar. So, if you plan to visit these grand festivals, you’d better check Tibetan Calendar first to know the exact dates of Tibetan festivals.





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