Tibet Travel Permit from US citizen

Welcome to Tibet from the United States of America. We are a local Tibet travel agency located at No 23, Row 11, Zone 5, Zhaji Residential Quarter, Zhaji Road, Lhasa, Tibet, China. We can guarantee that you enjoy your life in Tibet. Every year, we arrange 2,000 foreign tourists to visit Tibet, 60% of which come from the US. So far, US citizens account for a large proportion of foreign tourists in Tibet. In order to help more and more US citizens enter Tibet and have a good time in Tibet. Our Tibetan experts have carefully prepared a guide to how to travel from US to Tibet. Our idea is to simply provide you with the best and true Tibet travel experience at a reasonable price.

EBC tour for US citizen

Documents required for US citizens to travel to Tibet

For visitors from US, a Tibetan Travel Permit is a necessary travel document to enter Tibet.

Apply for the Tibet documents: you need to provide your documents to Tibet travel agency,

1) Your US passport copy

2) A copy of your Chinese visa: In general, the L-China visa can help you enter China and Tibet. If you are currently working or studying in China, your Chinese visa type may be an F visa or an X visa. In this way, you need to prepare a work certificate or study certificate in China so that we can obtain your Tibet travel permit.

Since US citizens want to travel in China and Tibet with many good policies, as long as you are not a journalist or hold a diplomatic passport, our travel agency can guarantee a Tibet travel permit for all US citizens.

In addition, according to the policy of the Tibet Tourism Bureau, due to the Tibetan New Year, from February to March, US citizens including other countries are not allowed to enter Tibet.

Kindly Note: If you are enter Tibet from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, you need to stay 3 working days in Kathmandu to apply for China group visa in Kathmandu, and you don’t have to apply for China visa in US in advance. We can also help you get your China group visa in Kathmandu. Please consult us for the details.

Sometimes US tourists ask us if our agency can issue a Tibet Travel Permit to their city in the USA. From Lhasa to abroad, the packaging is too complicated, and China Tourism Administration does not allow mailing it to foreign countries. So we can’t send permits to your US city.As far as I know, there is direct no international flight from US to Lhasa, you need to transfet to Lhasa from a China city. Since you will enter Tibet from a city in China, we can mail it to your hotel in a China city. When you arrive at the hotel, you can get permits so that you can board the flight to Lhasa. Or we can send it to our partner in that city in advance, when you arrive at the airport, our partner will wait for you at airport and send it to you. If you are taking a train from a city in China to Lhasa, you only need a copy of Tibet Permits.

Currently, there are many international flights directly to China city like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu from a city of US. You can arrive in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu first from US, then take a train/flight to Lhasa. It will be a wonderful jounery!

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