Tibet travel permit without a Tibet tour

Most travelers think it is impossible to visit Tibet. In fact, Tibet has never been as open to foreign travelers as it is now. But there are some rules to visit Tibet. Except for these rules, it’s easy to travel to Tibet. As Tibet area is a part of China, so those travelers who want to visit Tibet only need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit and a Chinese visa. But if you are going to Tibet from Nepal, you need to apply for a Chinese group visa instead of a Chinese visa.

Tibet Travel Permit is issued by Tibet tourism administration. Your travel agency in Tibet will apply for it to you. Without this permit, you will not be able to enter the Autonomous region of Tibet.

Some of the travelers prefer to travel independently and only require us to provide the Tibet travel permit without a tour. Although we have previously provided such services, we must say sorry now, Due to government regulations, we can’t be allowed to provide the Tibet travel permit without tour anymore.

Reason for why is not an independent traveler in Tibet?

Since March 14, 2008, a series of riots and demonstrations have been carried out in Lhasa, China government has imposed stricter regulations on Tibet tourism. Since then, Tibet is closed for foreign travelers in March every year and strictly prohibits foreign independent travelers who have not tour guides and drivers. All foreign travelers must book travel services with Tibet travel agency or China agency. Especially apply for Tibet travel permit, Tibet tour guides, and cars from these travel agencies. Otherwise, they will not be able to enter Tibet. If the travel agency applies the Tibet Permit for you, they will be in charge of your itinerary in Tibet. The hotels you are going to stay, the places you are going to be, the scenery spots you are going to visit, etc. will be listed in your Tibet travel permit. This policy is not just for you but for all the travelers. None of the travel agencies can arrange a Tibet Permit alone without a tour itinerary.

What’re the better options for Tibet Tour?

If you want to go to Tibet, you’d better join a group tour to get your Tibet travel Permit as it costs less.

1) If you have 1 to 3 people, and in the budget, you can join in group Tibet tours, that means you can share the tour guide fee, driver fee with other travelers in this group. Group size is 12 persons at maximum but mostly were 4-8 people. If a person booked Tibet tour package in 90 days in advance (two people or more need 75 days ahead of schedule), we can set travel departure time according to your schedule. Book at least 12 working days in advance so that we can apply for your Tibet Travel Permit in advance.

2) If you are a group of more than 3 people, you can consider private Tibet tour for better quality and more flexible service. Usually, if you exceed four people, the price of private Tibet tour is the same or even less than group Tibet tour package.

How much should I pay for the Tibet travel permit?

There is no administrative fee for the Tibet travel permit, but as a travel agency, applying for a Tibet travel permit involves labor and time consumption. We will charge your service fee and put it into the quotation.

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