Top Concerns on Tibet Travel Permit

The application of a Tibet Travel Permit often takes about 15 days.

As a professional travel agency, we will handle any case and any question raised by our clients. And lots of our customers often send emails to me to ask whether there is any age-limit on Tibet Travel Permit, and the answer is absolutely not. Then, they often ask other questions and I have made a summary about them.

1.When can I get my Tibet Travel Permit?

After receiving your basic personal information (a copy your passport, Chinese Visa and your occupation), we will send them to the Tibet Tourism Bureau to help you apply for your Tibet Travel Permit. And normally about 2-5 days, your Tibet Travel Permit will be issued and send to us. Then we will deliver it to your hotel or guesthouse in China.

We will deliver it to you as soon as possible. Please don’t be anxious during this time. Normally, the whole application takes about 15 days to get a Tibet Travel Permit.

2.When and where my Tibet Travel Permit will be checked?

This Tibet Travel Permit will be checked when you board a train or flight to Tibet. Even you choose to travel to Tibet from Sichuan by overland tour, you also need to bring your Tibet Travel Permit. It will be checked at the Tibet border from Sichuan.

When you are in Tibet, your tour guide will help you keep your TTP until tour ends. Your Tibet Travel Permit will be checked when you want to travel places outside Lhasa,such as Shigatse and Gyantse.

3. How to preserve permit when my Tibet tour ends?

In fact, your detailed travel dates and sites will be written on your Tibet Travel Permit. When you leave Tibet, your Tibet permit will become invalid quickly. A Tibet permit is not valid forever. When you want to enter Tibet the next time, you need to get a new Tibet Travel Permit.

3. How much does a Tibet Travel Permit cost?

We offer the free application of Tibet Travel Permit once you book our tour.

4. Can you send Tibet Travel Permit to my home country?

After we get your issued Travel Permit, we will deliver it by express to your address in China to guarantee your Tibet trip. And we will email you to fetch it. The duration of applying a Tibet Travel Permit is about 15 days. In order to avoid losing any permit, we don’t offer the service to send it to your home country. We will only deliver it when you arrive in China.

4. Do HK citizens need to get a Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet?

You don’t need to get a Tibet Travel Permit to Tibet if you are a resident of Hong Kong or Macau. But if you have immigrated to other country and is no longer a Chinese resident, you need to get a Tibet Travel Permit.

5. Is Tibet Travel Permit available for all tourists?

In fact, not all the tourists are available to enter Tibet. We don’t offer permit application for diplomats, journalists, and government officials to Tibet. Nowadays, Taiwan Citizen and Norwegian citizens are not available to Tibet. Bhutan citizen and Indian pilgrims, they can only seek help from Pilgrim Center in Tibet.


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